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  CNBC    Mad Money  

    February 27, 2014
    6:00 - 7:01pm EST  

>> good night, irene. >> talk about generics. talk about big today. talk about us. >> all right. >> teva. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow at 5:00 my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. welcome to cramerica. some people want to make friends, i'm here to make money. call me. i'm constantly hearing otherwise intelligent people say that you just can't consistently beat the stock market. shouldn't even try. just go be average, go be
mediocre, find a cheap index fund, mirrors the s&p 500. then i look at days like today where the dow climbed 400 and the nasdaq jumped .63%. i'm thinking wait a second, why should you have to settle for average when there's so many ways to win with a host of good stocks that can make you serious money on a daily basis that i am promising you you can find yourself. let's just take a snapshot. a slice of today. now, you might have been watching janet yellen give a good account of why we should stay the course. me, my mind wanders. always wandered to the tapes since 1979. i'm looking at what's going higher, what are the commonalities, can they be acted upon? here at a random noon hour from earlier today are the biggest winners.
remember, this is a senanapshot. i'm thinking they're all accessible. a big one is mylan. they can make cheaper drugs when the patents expire. and teva, remember them? they need to grow by doing an acquisition in the space. from the tone of conference call after mylan's excellent earnings seems to make sense to me. the 9.34% gain today, i'm saying it could have been found beforehand. next up, first solar, fslr. it got walloped where it didn't produce as many megawatts as it was supposed to. come on. the last time first solar came on the show, i said you have to own this stock not for the quarter but ahead of the analyst
meeting. and that's in a few weeks. buy it ahead of the analyst meeting. own it. the third biggest winner as of noon today, cliffs natural resources. no, not a beverage company, the ironware company. the stock didn't rally all day. when an activist comes knocking, the odds favor the shareholders. as boards directors are now actually willing to listen. plus cliffs announced an extended supply pact with the steel giant and we heard about that on "squawk on the street" a few weeks ago. and i tell you in "get rich carefully," an important gauge of chinese growth has rebottomed. that's good news. the fourth largest gainer at noon, best buy. some of these stocks gave gains like best buy. my point is the snapshot so could you take action at noon.
hard to figure best buy. was it really? what do we hear from home depot, macy's and lowe's by the way? just way too low versus the fundamentals, even if we know it was too high coming into 2014. i'll describe how this stock could actually go higher. my point now is that best buy was totally gettable if you listened to the other quarters of the companies in the industry. a little homework. sometimes things are so darned obvious. it's almost annoying, isn't it? the last couple days we've been buzz hearing the retailers can finally bounce, all of them. macy's told us everything from apparel to housewares has been strong. what was so hard about buying the stock of kohl's, whereof course i bought these excellent socks. they're excellent, trust me. it's a much better story than most of the other retailers who rallied out there. another name could you have captur
captured, a bunch upgraded because of a turn in the fundamentals. how about sempra energy? you know i like these good conservative companies. shocker? i don't think so. seventh, ebay! what can i say? we have been red hot on this country ever since carl eicahn got involved. when we've seen the corporate breakups in the past, they've made us a ton of money. whitewave broke off of dean foods. a national food company is going to be able to be on a stand-alone basis more effective than a combined company that has just gotten milk and focused natural foods. i think acahn is right.
ebay should split up, too. we know value and breakups work. this is the gift that keeps on giving. thank you carl icahn. and verizon. now that the deal allowing verizon to buy the rest of verizon wireless closed, all the brokers are piling in, praising it and both jpmorgan and morgan stanley today. i know expressed frustration because i like the deal so much. just when you start to get maximum frustration is when things get real interesting. verizon could be a core holding for any portfolio. it remains the stock i shout back at people when they shout back at me, jim, booyah, what should i buy? why verizon? because i know when i see them on the street, i won't be attacked by a rabid dog.
sal sales you know is the single most recommended stock in the whole book and is one of the 21 ceos that i highlight. workday is one of my 15 "mad money" momentum monsters. finally, it whirlpool, pulling up the pool of the ten biggest noontime gainers. how many retailers did you hear from this week to know this is a buy? home depot hold you how strong appliances are. it's not done going higher as the home theme is back,
particularical particularly with the lower interest rates. you have to admit these were gettable, they were able to be nailed by you, by me, by all of us. marie in california, please. marie. >> hi, jim. greetings from california. >> how are you? >> good, good. i'm interested in buying anaka therapy. however, it's up a lot because it just got approval from -- fda approval. so i was wondering if i should get in at this current price. >> okay, this is something that really concerns me because when i saw the drug that the fda is going for, it basically lets guys like me who have nothing in our knees to have a comeback. but when the stock jumps like that, then it comes down, it drifts down over a period of four, five days and then after four, five days is when you can pull the trigger. i'm not sanctioning it tomorrow. >> can we go to dave in california, please. dave. >> hey, booyah, jim, to a soon
to be very soggy southern california. >> yeah, you well you needed rain. >> oh, we need it bad, boy. i'm calling because lynn energy reported today and gave a tremendous amount of data. am i wrong but wasn't it good news? it took a hit in heavy volume. it's getting a little scary. >> stephanie link and i, we sold some earlier. they are lightening up some permian basin assets, couldn't find out which ones they are. i'm patient and unhappy. how about that. let's go to albert in new york. albert. >> hey, jim, how are you? >> good. how but, albert? >> i've been wanting to get into renewable energy, looking into solar city. would you buy that stock? if you would, would you buy it now or wait for earnings to come
out next week? >> solar city preannounced. this is the kind of stock i prefer people to understand could go down big or up big. it's not for everybody. would i buy it ahead. quarter? you decide that you like their long-term model and you like what elon musk is doing and put a little away. gee, don't short it. if you own it, understand the risk. why settle? you're better than average. we both know there were plenty of big gainers today and they were accessible. we just got to know where to look for them. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, office overhaul. say good-bye to back office paperwork and hello to big data. workday is changing the business of doing business. the stock is soaring today after reporting, but could there be more in store as it shakes up the industry? and later, king of the cloud? the results are in for sales force and cramer has the
exclusive with its ceo. it's been one of the biggest winners over the last decade, but can that streak continue? plus, shining star? from the lap of luxury to innovative new concepts, chances are you've probably spent a night in a starwood hotel. has inclement weather turned people away? coming up on "mad money." >> have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. miss something? head to
in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present.
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i've been telling you over and over again that the cloud computing is the future. it's perhaps the single hottest element of the new holy trinity of tech, mobile and cloud. we have one more piece of evidence that the cloud is on
fire, it's workdays, wday, the cloud based variety of human software, all the applications a human resources of a company might need. cloud computing helps businesses save a bundle on tech hardware costs. they no longer need to have large systems holding data. think oracle. they have superior product with a platform. workday posted a smaller than anticipated loss, revenues that soared 71% year over year, higher than what analysts are looking for, customer base growing 50%. even better the company gave up side guidance to the next quarter in the next fiscal year, hence why the stock roared
$15.19 today, over 15% higher. it's not done. deserves to be even higher. it's given you a terrific 56% gain since we pushed it incredibly hard when we spoke to the ceo back in november at the dream force conference. i wouldn't be shocked in the stock has more room to go. let's take a look at neal bush ry. i didn't think it was possible to have 70% growth with a company your size. >> it starts with being in the right place around the secular trend that you talked about, the shift to the cloud. every 15 years there's a big shift from architectures. we saw the shift from client server from main frame and now we're seeing the shift from client server to the cloud. you see what is
doing and we're riding those same trends. i couple that with terrific excuse by our sales team, development team and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and that enables us to sell to more customers. >> you've never lost a customer have you? >> we've lost a few customers over the years to mergers and acquisitions. some companies have gone out of business but we tend not to lose customers. >> mark, i was surprised to see you had positive operating cash flow for the year. no one expected that. i mean, are you in a situation where you've got so much business that it's just kind of you can't spend the money fast enough? >> well, it's not so much that, jim. it's really the beautiful thing about the software as a service model. it's a subscription model. the revenues really trail the billings as a result. so the cash flow dynamics work. plus, we're pretty good stewards
of how we invest and how we innovate. >> one other thing i want people to understand, when i went back over our interview from the fall, people said, jim, can you give me an instance where someone new comes in because they talked about their best opportunity is when there's a change. i was thinking, morgan stanley buys the smith barney business from citi, two different systems, that's got to be a deal that's suddenly up for grabs. is that when a workday comes into play? >> that would be one example. another example would be if another company is facing an upgrade of a legacy system, maybe running a 2, 3, 4-year-old system from an sap-oracle, the company has to upgrade to the newest version and they say let's look at what alternatives might be out there. at that point we hope they cross paths from workday and we can show them a much better user interface, lower cost and much
better path for innovation over years to come. >> you explained to us if they like it in h.r., they may like it in financial. how is that transition going? are there a lot more people in that bucket taking finance? >> it's going quite well. we signed our 70th customer in this past quarter, two quarters of signing more than ten companies. the momentum is building. i expect you're going to see us begin to sign some very big accounts over the next 12 to 18 months, traditional fortune 500 companies. >> you used the number $40 billion opportunity when we saw you last. with all these new things you're doing, including a company that you just bought, identified, is $40 billion too small? >> i think it's a good number to stay on. it's about 8 to 10 for h.r. and it's about 20 for financials. when you look at analytics and
all the other product areas we have, i think 40 billion is a good number. we have 600 customers. we believe the market opportunity is about 20,000 customers. so we're still very, very early on in the penetration of these accounts. >> mark, you're a cfo. if i'm running a payroll and using a traditional pay roll processor like adp and running human resources, why do i need to bring you in? we're talking about good companies you're competing against. >> el washit's realwell, it's r having a core h.r. system, where you can take all the complexity, put it in the cloud and at the same time having workday do payroll so that you have one solution, one vendor and it makes it just simple for the whole team. >> all right. and in the time that's left, when we met you last you said people felt -- you said
something that was very tough. you said did you not think that oracle had done a great job of taking care of customers. are those your words or is it when you see your customers, that's what they say? >> i say i think that's in general the legacy vendors have not done a good job taking care of customers. at some level it's not their fault. the technologies are based on 15 to 20-year-old architectures. they're heavily customized, user interfaces aren't great. it's hard to deliver customer satisfaction. whether it's a salesforce, workday, drop box, it's a new level of user experience and customer satisfaction that are the expectations out in the marketplace today. >> gentlemen, we are thrilled that you came on our show and introduced yourselves to us a big percentage gain ago. the software is up 60% and i know you guys can do it again. thank you so much for coming on
"mad money." that's neal bushry, he's one of the great innovators of our time as you can tell from this spot today. coming up, king of the cloud? the results are in for salesforce. cramer has the exclusive with its ceo. it's been one of the biggest winners over the last decade, but can that streak continue? and later, shining star? from the lap of luxury to innovative new concepts, chances are you've probably spent a night in a starwood hotel. has inclement weather turned tourists away or or snow-wary travelers boosting the bottom line? [ tires screech ]
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to be able to get your head around cloud computing, the best source is they provide companies with applications delivered over the web that are used to manage everything from sales, services, marketing, customer relations and more. sales force is quite simply the best of the best of breed. salesforce has given you an 18%
gain since we last spoke to marc benioff. at the big dream conference, valued at 1,078 since benioff came on the show in the dark days of 2008 and told us everything for fine. has been a terrific winner for years and year. revenue came in an astounding amount higher, up 37% year over year, plus the company gave you up side revenue guidance for the next quarter and raised it's forecast for the next fiscal year. if this is down tomorrow, it could be a terrific deal. let's talk to mr. benioff and hear more about the quarter and prospect. welcome back to "mad money." >> real good. how you doing? >> real good. you did $1.15 billion this
quarter. it's a pretty quick run rate. >> it was a phenomenal quarter. you know that. you were at ordream force conference. we're forecasting 1.15 billion. >> you have to be making some very big deals globally. >> we had a huge number of large deals with companies like maersk and others. i'm excited about our new salesforce one platform. it's brought all of our customers into this age that we've been talking about for a while. everything is running on the phone know and so is salesforce. i was at a really great dinner in arizona with walter robb of
whole foods. while i was eating my steak and having my dessert, i secretly was under the desk here checking my phone and i was seeing all my analytics and i could see all my deals coming through and i don't know any other ceo today that can really close their business, close their quarter entirely on the phone. it's because i'm using salesforce one. >> i went on the video for salesforce one and what i thought was interesting is you are not excluding others. you're saying you're welcoming competitor sap to be involved with your hand-held program. >> well, you know, everything company needs to start moving to the phone. the phone is the dominant platform of computing today. we have over 250 isvs who are already building applications on this new platform. we've deployed it to thousands of customers. they've made huge numbers of modifications and customizations. but the power is you can really
run your business on your phone. i already do e-mail on my phone, i do facebook on my phone, i do twitter on my phone, now i can do my customer and marketing information, even resolve my customer service issues all on my phone. >> you mentioned hewlett packard. i want to circle back to that. that had just been announced when we were out visiting you at dream force. since then meg attributed -- meg whitman, ceo, attributed a lot to your deal. >> i've known meg forever. she's doing a phenomenal job at turning that company around. she's rebuilt her customer information systems using salesforce and put in a new collaboration platform so all of their employees collaborate with their partners, which is a huge part of hewlett packard's success. and the third thing she's done is made sure her new products are all connected right on to
the internet. those three things, the employees, the partners and the products are all talking to each other and we're at the heart of that with salesforce one. >> why aren't we more worried about security? you hear that and you say if i can find out what's being printed somewhere, i could make a fortune if i were a bad guy. >> security is the number one issue for every organization, jim. i don't care which one you are. and there's no finish line when it comes to security. we're in a highly dynamic environment for security and i think this is one of the things we can help bring our customers. when we show up with our technology, we're bringing our security platform with it. i think that helps customers knowing that we're there to partner with this in this new security gam bit. >> one of the things you ought me is the holy trinity. it's not right now because of
connectivity. tell me why it should matter. >> we have been talking about, number one, cloud computing. you don't have to buy software or hardware. can you run the business exact lie like you use your g-mail or any other internet service. number two, facebook has redefined the social paradigm and we can use that to run our business. number three, mobile, the phone is everything. i want to do it all on the phone. but number four is this, i'll highlight it with a story. a couple weeks ago i wasn't feeling well, i had a cold in san francisco, it was a chilly day and going to a trip to the world economic forum. i got a phone call from my friend michael dell. he said are you not feeling very well? i said no but how did you know that? >> he said i noticed you haven't been working out the past few days. he noticed i've been working
this thing of fit bit on my wrist and it keeps track of my was in and my weight and everything. he's a friend of mine on my fit bit social network and he called me and said i noticed you've been slacking off the last few days and i was worried about you, that's why i called you. think about the implications, jim. it's pretty incredible. we're all connected, we're all in this new social world together. he's paying attention to how i'm doing every day in my workouts. >> it's now on our pcs. i woulding remi be remiss if i ask one thing. we had workday on. people are watching the stock. your stock is up huge this year already. but two, the guide up is this time it's the largest i've ever seen it, not just on the size buts percentages. i want people to understand that $100 million guide up is highly unusual for any company, small or big. that's just a huge number. people should know that, right?
>> we have increased our guidance to $5.3 billion. we'll be the first cloud computing company to get to $5.3 billion in revenue for the year. as you said, it wasn't that long ago that we were on the show talking about our first billion dollar year and now we're -- i'm very excited talking to you for the first time about our first $5 billion year. it's because of our great customer success. customers need these new solutions. they don't have a company to turn to. they can't turn to sap, can't turn to oracle or microsoft but they can turn to salesforce and workday, which you just mentioned. we've built the technology that will help connect it your customers in a whole enough way, serve them differently, market to them differently and salesforce is going to help do you that. this $100 million guide to $5.3 billion is evidence that we feel
confident in how this year has gone. you can see it with $7 billion on and off the balance sheet in deferred revenue. that gives us the confidence to guide up to $5.3 billion for our year. >> it was an excellent quarter. the best i've seen. they keep getting better and better. i hope to see you again at dream force if you'll have us. >> please come back. wasn't that a lot of fun? we had over 150,000 people registered to attend dream force this year. >> who knows what's going to happen. >> marc benioff, thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> great to see you, jim. i'm see you next quarter. >> you want the stock to come down so can you buy some. that's my highest compliment. marc benioff, chairman and ceo of movie stars aren't the only ones getting honored this week. cramer is rolling out the red
carpet. the first annual "golden bulls" special debuts tomorrow on "mad money."
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time for the lightning round! buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell! are you ready skee-daddy? time for the lightning round. i'll start with rob in new york. rob. >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call. a while back you said get in on c-meks. >> it's in the residential business and that goes higher. car mine in california. car mine. >> booyah, jim. i wanted to ask you about precision cast corporation. >> best of the best. don't give up boeing. >> lucas in connecticut. >> caller: jim, jim, lucky lou
here. mbg, what do you think? drop and go or double down and run? >> look, we are looking at the bonds greece turning around. greece is turning around. i mean, i don't know. i don't want this to be rbc, which was great for a while but now is not great but it is turning around. don in connecticut. >> caller: alumina in my -- >> no. i cannot tell you how many times i sent memos to people who work with me we got to do illumina, got to do illumina and we keep screwing it up. it's not done going higher. matt in california. >> caller: when will citigroup break out to the up side? >> i don't know the answer. and you know what? the best way to find that out would be to have michael come on the show with a very candid analysis, which i know he's capable of doing. let's go to barbara in florida.
>> caller: hi, jim. thank you for all the help you give us. i just bought your book and i'm hoping to read it. >> oh, i wish you could come to the signing. >> i have a question on chesapeake energy and also chevron. now chesapeake energy i read their report and i get more confused about this -- >> well, you should be confused because it's a confusing report, barbara and they're selling this off and selling that off. i don't want to be in chesapeake. action alert has been buying chevron. buy chevron, sell chesapeake. josh in pennsylvania, please. >> caller: hi, jim. i want to give a big booyah to the investment club. they're a great group of guys. >> i know the club and the history of your school. i wish you the best of luck. >> caller: can they compete with
gaming companies? >> yeah, but i'm not recommending any china stocks right now and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsor by td ameritrade. in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present.
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there are few things i like better when a best of breed company announces a big, fat, special dividend to award you the shareholder. that's what hotel operator starwood did just last week. if you don't know the stock, you might know starwood from their brands, they manage under a thousand hotels, share ton, westin, st. regis. the thing i've always found appealing is they have an asset-like business model. they know their expertise isn't running the best hotels. out of the thousand or so properties they manage, they only own about 47. this is a terrific way to grow a hotel business rapidly without having to fork over a lot of
capital for real estate development reported their latest quarter two weeks ago, the stock got dinged. the reason it went down, even though the company beat wall street estimates and boosted dividend by 8% and the revenue per available room came higher than management's forecast, they didn't buy a lot of stock back. i think management was simply being conservative. this is the classic underpromise/overdeliverance guidance i love. they are going to pay out $2.60 dividend in four installments, bountiful 4.9% yield. this signaled down the line confidence in business.
while less than a point off its highs, i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have much more up side. let's talk to fritz van patton, ceo of starwood. welcome back. >> thank you. >> special dividend. how come you decided to do this pa that an way? >> we've used dividends, stock buybacks and special dividend. we look at where the company is, what the opportunity is and at this point we saw a great opportunity to turn ourselves into a 5% yield stock for this year. we can always buy back stock if we want to, but over the last ten years, we've returned about $10 billion to our shareholders through all three of those activities. >> i think this so great because i found when you looked at the numbers you were the fastest growing 5% stock that i know of. and you made it that way. that's what makes people attracted. we want that return of capital in a consistent way. you've done it.
that's so smart. >> here's the great thing about this business model. the franchise model, fee business management around the world is a growing business. it can grow and spin off cash as well. at the same time we can sell hotels, which is another source of cash. >> look at these analysts. i don't want to say they're small-minded, they're nice people. this is a company where if you broke it up, it's worth less, not more. right? >> it's hard to say. we have a great fee business, a great ownership business. it's a story that generates cash. i haven't thought about it in terms of this. >> i think you're so well managed, i don't know whether you'd be better managed if you split into a whole bunch of things because i like the pieces and the way they come together. huge surprise this quarter. it was not china that was the big up side. it was the u.s. business. >> right. we've seen for a while that the u.s. business is doing well.
in other words, travel demand keeps growing. there's been no new supply to speak of in the last five or six years in the hotel business so for the third quarter in a row, we're looking at record occupancies. by the way, when occupancies are that high, most of your growth in red par is in rate and rate flows right down to the bottom line. so the momentum is there in the u.s., but the rest of the world is going to continue to see growth as well. >> i would never have thought with china kind of on not as great a trajectory that your earnings could hold up but you're still confident in china. it's just that you were -- you're a geopolitical guy. you even talk about that in your conference call. you can't be as bullish as you were a couple years ago. >> no, but i love the way you said that. it's not a downturn, it's not even a slowdown. we had 20% growth in chinese outbound travelers at our hotels over last year. on same-store sales in our hotels, we had a 20% increase in the number of rooms, but a 3
percentage point increase in occupancy at the same time. yeah, we didn't see the rev-par growth we thought we might but china is 52% urbanized today, when we first got there, it was 20% urbanized. so you've got hundreds of millions of people that are still moving from the countryside into cities. and when they do that, they join the middle class and join the affluent class. that's are the people traveling and coming to our hotels. >> we've been involved with interacting with the internet and advising on priceline. >> the more we know about where you are, what you want, the more you talk to a mobile device, the better we can deliver
hospitality. what we have a combination of 1,200 hotels and the world, 250,000 people working in those hotels and then the technology. so we're not a technology play, but we're a company that has all three of those legs under the stool. >> well, it's the best growing company in the industry with the highest dividend -- one of the highest dividends in the s&p. that's exactly what our clients are looking for. the symbol is hot. chris van paaschen. we'll be back. [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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i once owned a cat named m comag, named it for a second rate disk drive company. she got run over by a truck. dead cats. i love cats. used to have seven of them, but they do bounce. which brings me to best guy, sears and jcpenney. three stocks that were up big at
one point today. you have to ask yourself whether these are modern day comags or cats with nine lives that can come back from being comatose. the strongest of the prospects is best buy. it was in comeback mode with new management before it got derailed by a couple tough months of sales. it's a broken stock, not a broken company. as they should down poorly performing stores continues the pace. the stock just got too high. i like the long-term prospects because best buy is connected with housing. jcpenney is a tough call. the company looks like it's finally gotten through the drama of the d. johnsonization that's stripping away everything that ron johnson did to almost
bankrupt the company. this is not unlike the process of destalinization. here's the issue, though. in the end, even in its best days, jcpenney was only a so-so retailer. now that all that fancy stuff of johnson's is gone and ullman returned to form, it's once a again a so-so retailer. can a so-so retailer make it in a world where giants like walmart are struggling? i say the stock can rally, the company is not dead. now let's talk about the most difficult situation of all. sears. we all went to sears when we were younger. but it lost its way, especially after its merger with kmart.
i know sears has done some remarkable things with its club strategy. i'm the on one willing to say that. but it's a second-rate costco and even a third or fourth and there's only room for one costco. it tried to jazz up their image with people like nicki minaj and adam levine. the others companies in the space have turned and a little. sears is telling us it's going to sell off lands end to bring out more value. wait a second. lands end is probably the best thing sears has left. the company is selling winners to fund losers. that's a sucker's play when it comes to stocks. of the three, sears is the one that looks the most like the bouncing cat that has at least run out of lives. tomorrow kick off the trading day with "squawk on the
street." live from post nine at the nyse. >> love it here! this was brilliant to be right in the center of the action. >> we enjoy it every day. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> don't believe the gossip. one against i tell you bitcoin is not money. finally, the ukraine is a disaster but it won't affect stocks. next up, "the kudlow report." , and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chirps ] hurry in to the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. visit today for exceptional offers. ♪
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don't forget, salesforce if it comes down, it's an opportunity. but workday up 10%, it goes highe crisis and catastrophe continues to build in the ukraine. armed men took over the parliament. russian troops run emergency drills. what is putin's game? we're going to get a report from moscow in a few moments. as bad as the ukraine story is, the economy is too tiny to have real impact on the rest of the world. hence, we had a new record close for the s&p 500. don't think for one minute janet yellen is going to stop tapering bond buys. profits are the key. as i've been